Carlton's Corner: Protecting Your Concrete Work Surface on the Job Site

Skudo is one manufacturer of floor protection systems. Here, a worker presses a Skudo Heavy Traffic (HT) Mat into the system’s still-wet Base Coat. Once protection is no longer needed, simply pull up and discard. Photo courtesy of Skudo USA Inc.

Each job your company completes is a billboard. Each project says, “Yes, my company is good and worthy of your next decorative project,” or it says, “I’m a work in progress that right now, unfortunately, is not worth the chance.” Few billboards imply anything in between.

At the end of the day it comes down to three issues. Can your crew produce quality work? On schedule? And on budget?

After decades in this business I can honestly say it all starts with floor protection. You can be the best in the concrete staining business, but if the floor wasn’t protected prior to your arrival, the odds are stacked against you well before you get started.

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